Principal View

Principal View


 “The purpose of Education is to enable individuals to reach their full potential as human beings.”

Education is a holistic process of learning and knowing which continues through our life. In this era of globalization and rapid advancements in technology, knowledge is not just confined to text books; it is accessible anytime and anywhere. Hence the need of the hour is to develop critical thinking skills, values and attitude to ensure responsible use of technology.

We at BORISU SESANG FOUNDATION / BOWANG ACADEMY aim to provide quality education which helps the students to discover their strengths overcome their weaknesses and realize their potential as well as promote a spirit of enquiry and foster a scientific temper. Our endeavor is to equip the students with the skills required to face the challenges confidently and also enhance their intellectual, social and emotional skills.

In our effort to make learning environment more interactive and to integrate technology into teaching, we also ensure to preserve the cherished Indian culture and traditional values.

With a strong team of dedicated and motivated teachers, individual attention is given to students to ensure their all-round development with special emphasis on academics, discipline, self-confidence and moral values.

Today, BORISU SESANG FOUNDATION / BOWANG ACADEMY stands firm in its commitment to move towards academic and human excellence paving the road to a glorious and shining future for the children who would see every challenges as an opportunity.