About School

About School

Education is a holistic process of learning and knowing which continues through our life. In this era of globalization and rapid advancements in technology, knowledge is not just confined to text books; it is accessible anytime and anywhere.Hence the need of the hour is to develop critical thinking skills, values and attitude to ensure responsible use of technology.

We at BORISU SESANG FOUNDATION / BOWANG ACADEMY aim to provide quality education which helps the students to discover their strengths overcome their weaknesses and realize their potential as well as promote a spirit of enquiryand foster a scientific temper. Our endeavor is to equip the students with the skills required to face the challenges confidently and also enhance their intellectual, social and emotional skills.

With a strong team of dedicated and motivated teachers, individual attention is given to students to ensure their all round development with special emphasis on academics, discipline, self-confidence and moral values.

 A Journey Subline
Established in the year, 2016 Bogwang Academy School has evolved as an ideal progressive quality institution blending the best of modernity with the best of tradition. The school is run and managed by Borisu Sesang Foundation. It is a co-educational school with English as a medium of instruction and has an active PTA body. Over the years the school has created a niche for itself in academics, IT, sports and co-curricular activities by establishing new bench marks.

Illustrious Giants
Lord Buddha, a social reformer, educationist and a visionary founder of Buddhism  in 5th century BC., He realised that the salvation of the country lay in educating the masses of India. Lord Buddha spent almost 25 rainy seasons especially in Sravasti, UP.
To achieve this cherished goal, a group of socially oriented people formed the Borisu Sesang Foundation . This was the beginning of the Movement which laid the foundation of the present network of 2016 Bogwang Academy.

Our Inspiration
Young, dynamic and enterprising Shri Navin Kumar Sinha is an Master in International Commerce from Seoul National University, South Korea  and graduated from Delhi University. An administrator and management guru par excellence, he is a highly respected professional with a long experience in turnaround skills and building strategies for future growth. His in league innovative ideas combined with the traditional wisdom of bowing academy philosophy has ushered a new era. A well known  personality, acquainted with the tour & travel company, a staunch social worker, an illustrious grandson of late Smt. Kamla Devi Sinha, has travelled to all European, Middle – East and Far East Asian Countries, specially South Korea.

Admission Procedure


The admission procedure usually begins in the month of February. Parents seeking admission for their wards in classes (Nursery to Class – I) may mail the previous result of their ward to borisufoundation@gmail.com . As per the availability of vacancies and eligibility of the candidates, the details for registration will be mail back to the parents.

School Decorum

General Rules

  • Students who come on their own or by private transport should reach school between 7:30 to 7:45 a.m. at main gate, not later than 8.00 a.m. Late comers will be sent back. No student is allowed to bring bicycle/ scooter/ motorcycle to school. School will not be responsible for loss or damage of the vehicle.
  • Students who are escorted by parents or who come by private transport should not leave unescorted. In case of delay, they should report to their concern class teacher.
  • No lunch boxes will be received later in the school for any student. Students should carry their own lunch boxes with them in the morning.
  • Student should wear neat, clean and ironed school uniform with the Identity Card regularly.
  • Students should maintain discipline and silence in classroom as well as in the vicinity of the school library.


Code of Conduct

  • No student should damage school furniture, white/black boards, other items or deface the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or to the Incharge or the Principal. Any damage done will have to be made good by the one who causes it or the whole class will be held responsible.
  • Students are advised to keep their class rooms / toilets / school building / campus as neat as possible and throw litter into the dustbins only.
  • No student shall indulge in any unwanted activity. Indiscipline in any form will not be tolerated. Indulgence in any of the in disciplinary activity will be regarded as an offence. It will be strictly deal with and may result in suspension, restriction, fine or written apology or issue of Yellow/Red/Black card. Yellow card as 2nd warning, Red card as final reminder and Black card as last resort in form of suspension or so.
    (a) Spitting in or near the school building / school campus;
    (b) Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property;
    (c) Rude behavior, whistling and shouting, bullying;
    (d) Use of violence in any form, foul language;
    (e) Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability;
    (f) Bursting of crackers in school premises;       
    (g) Chewing gum during the school premises;
    (h) Littering the school premises;
    (i) Writing on school walls;
    (j) Moving around in school without ‘Class Pass’ during assembly and school hours;
    (k) carrying undesired / unwanted magazines,, money, valuable items, CDs, cameras, mobile phones or any other expensive electronic gadget to school under any circumstances;
    (l) Bunking classes / school;
    (m) Wearing undesirable dress, shoes / things (not in accordance with uniform / dress code of the school);
    (n) Stealing, breaking, damaging boards, other electronic / mechanical devices or any other school property;
    (o) Unacceptable and indecent behavior or activity in or outside school;

  • Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to go home after examination/test is over or during regular school hours. Leave for half-a-day will not be given except in emergency and should be avoided for security reasons. Taking away your child from the class for a short period or for a medical checkup is not recommended.
  • The photograph of a student will not be attested by the Principal or accepted by teachers if it is not in proper school uniform.
  • Any kind of warning/punishment loses entitlement to any awards.

Issuing of Card



Yellow Card

 1st warning to a student to reform her/his ways.

Red Card

Final warning to check her/his conduct and be ready for strict action against her/him.

Black Card

Strict action to be taken by the Discipline Committee.

Recommendation to Parent/Guardian

  • According Motivate your ward to speak in English at all times. Politeness in speech, low volume, and decent language speaks a lot about a child. Arrogance, argument, pride, indifference do not leave a good impression. Ensure that your child cultivates the right qualities and interest in studies, co curricular and sports activities.
  • Check the school diary every day, visit school website for circulars, messages, changes and complaints etc. if any from teachers.
  • Check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of your ward. Confirm your ward carries contents to the timetable for that day. Ensure he/she wears Identity Card.
  • Restrict daily pocket money. Excessive spending should be discouraged.
  • Lunch should be properly packed so that the notebooks are not stained or spoiled. A napkin is always handy.
  • Check that your ward does not carry prohibited articles like mobile, i-phones, cash, jewellery, expensive articles & gadgets to school. These will be confiscated and will lead to punishment.
  • Criticism of a teacher should be avoided in the presence of the child because it undermines respect for the teachers and the school. In case of a legitimate complaint, please meet the Class Teacher / Principal. Similarly do not discuss family problems in front of your child.
  • Make sure that you meet the Class Teacher and Subject Teachers on all Parent Teacher meetings. Kindly adhere to the timings given. In emergency you can meet a teacher on prior permission only during visiting hours with the permission of the receptionist. No parent/guardian should visit classroom to meet the concerned teacher under any circumstance or without Principal’s permission.
  • Carry Identity Card issued by the school during your visit to school. Only parents and not brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts or strangers should be sent to collect their ward or to collect report card or meet Class Teacher.
  • Ensure that your ward wears identity card and comes in school uniform on Parent Teacher Meeting. No child will be allowed / entertained in dress other than school uniform and without I-Card.
  • The school reserves the right to detain or deny promotion to a student whose performance continues to remain unsatisfactory.
  • To handle emergencies successfully, maintain communication with teachers and keep records up to date. Any change of address or telephone number should be notified immediately to the school.
  • Avoid encouraging your ward to take leave on examination days or to return home after her/his examination is over.
  • There is a need to be aware of Three R’s of the On-line world - Rights, Responsibilities and Respect before you give your ward access to use internet.
  • Convey your impression about the work of your ward at home on first fifteenth of every month on page provided in the Diary by using one of the remarks
    a. Very Satisfactory     b. Satisfactory     c. Unsatisfactory

Incentives - Awards & Scholarships

·Who excel in academics, co-curricular and sports activities. It is an incentive to encourage and appreciate their hard work and sincere efforts.

·Gold medal for securing A+ (Outstanding) in all subject and class activity in classes NURSERY to CLASS I.

·Award for excelling in Sports / Extracurricular activity at class level.

·Student of the Year’ award will be given to a student who is an all-rounder, exceptionally good in all academic, cultural, sports and other co curricular activities with 100% attendance.

·Medals are awarded to students with 100% attendance from class nursery to 1st class.

·An Appreciation award on Felicitation Ceremony by the Chairman of the school for a class pass out student(previous session) who secures highest marks in a subject/highest aggregate stream wise in exam.


Performance - Measurement & Evaluation

Evaluation is the most important part of studies, in fact a performance measurement scale and a crucial phase in examination. It helps students to develop the habit of regular, systematic and methodical work. It is an area of great importance for students, parents and teachers, and enables to check if a given program is working successfully. It is an incentive to hard work and has its diagnostic value both for the teacher and the taught.


Examination Pattern

Nursery – Class 1 To develop the habit of regular, systematic and methodical work among students, everyday work is assessed/evaluated and accordingly assessment is made.

Class Nursery - Pre Primary - Class I
Unit I - April 2016 - 31 August 2016
Unit II - September 2016 - 30 December 2016
Unit III - January 2017 - March 2017

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills in English (ASL):

Keeping in view the need of communication skills in english 20% weightage is given to ASL in Formative and Summative Assessments in classes nursery to class Ist The quality, accuracy, neatness, efficiency in the class assignments, class response, performance in oral and written tests, language skills, holiday home work, projects, and attendance will be recorded to decide the marks for internal assessment.


  • 75% attendance of the academic session of the school is compulsory for every student for promotion to the next higher class. Regular defaulters will not be allowed to appear for exam.
  • Absence from school before an examination / test without an application / information, or for attending social functions should be discouraged to avoid a disciplinary action.
  • Students suffering from infectious diseases must complete the required quarantine period before rejoining the school and the completion of quarantine should be certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner. The Class Teacher should be timely informed.

House System

The tradition of House System is an important part of school education. The foremost responsibility is to ensure a space free of prejudice and repression for young minds to think and develop, to shoulder responsibilities, to participate in activities and to groom and enhance their personality. The system is essentially the backbone of the discipline of the school.

The Houses contribute in maintaining cleanliness, conducting assemblies, organizing celebration on festivals and special days, competitions - co-curricular and extra curricular. SPECTRUM - The Annual Inter House Cultural Fiesta enables each and every student to showcase her/his talent in multiple cultural and sports activities. Trophies and certificates are awarded to deserving students and Houses in recognition of their talent and effort.


To explore the possible positive impact of the House System, to inculcate organizational skills and confidence and to develop a sense of responsibility among students of all age groups, the Houses are grouped according to the following classes.

House Projects

Each House is assigned a project for a session in which students and teachers of the House work together and initiate activities to sensitize and bring commitment in students for school, society and nation. It will be step towards students being responsible and proud citizens.

Class Representatives

Two students with qualities of head, heart and hand from each section of class are selected as CR by the class teacher in consultation with other subject teachers. They have to look after the discipline of the fellow students, check ill behaviour, neatness and uniform and maintain dignity, harmony and healthy decorum of the class. They should set a good example through their own exemplary behaviour. They are responsible for the judicious use of the class pass for movement of the students of their class.

Endeavors and Initiatives

Education has been rightly called the panacea of all ills and is the most decisive factor in the progress of an individual and of a nation. At the same time, the world is witnessing an unprecedented advancement in the field of science, technology and information and the need is to keep abreast with the changes and development occurring in and around the world. It is therefore, unavoidably essential to develop innate and inborn potential of every child to meet unforeseen and stringent challenges. In its quest to foster the all round personality of a child, the school undertakes various endeavors and activities and has ventured a number of initiatives. The aim is to develop an integrated life, strengthen character and inculcate sensitivity towards society.

Smart Classrooms
As knowledge is available now-a-days at the click of a mouse and the learner seeks for a ‘Knowledge absorbing society’ rather than ‘Knowledge gathering society’, conventional teaching has been replaced by dynamic, student centric, interdisciplinary, project based and digital teaching. To cope with the challenges of modern times, smart classrooms are introduced. Electronic Boards are installed in the classrooms and e-teaching with its audio and visual appeal is helpful in developing creative, constructive, competitive and confident students.

Health and Wellness Initiatives
‘Health is Wealth’. Nehru said, “Wealth of India does not lie in the bank but lies with the educational institutions”.
To evolve healthy, physically and intellectually sound youth, the school takes initiative by providing a full time doctor, getting regular health check up, arranging health and hygiene seminars and workshops, yoga classes, weekly timetable fixed menu for lunch time, and campaigns for various programmes. ‘Get Active’ modules help to draw student’s attention to health concerns. Qualified and experienced doctors from PHFI (Physical Health Foundation of India) visit school regularly to monitor the health of the children. In association with HRIDAY SHAN, campaigns against drugs, AIDS, tobacco as well as ‘Get Active’ campaign are organised. Walkathon-Walk on Health Day is a regular annual feature. Talks on 'Importance of good health' are arranged and need of healthy diet/food is stressed upon. Junk food and aerated drinks are banned in the school canteen. Yogic aahar, yoga and good healthy habits are promoted among students through competitions and various incentives.

Life Skill Education

The school firmly believes that education must empower the students to face stringent challenges of life, earn a livelihood and develop a positive approach through self introspection, self analysis and self-growth. Topics which promote analytical thinking, social and emotional concerns, self grooming are discussed. Project work, group discussions, presentations, talks are conducted and assigned to promote life skills.

Personality Enhancement Programme Personality development classes by eminent resource persons are held to inculcate good habits, bring a positive change in attitude, understand importance of etiquettes, and groom students for public speaking and appearance. These classes enable students to enhance their interpersonal skills by developing confidence and self esteem)        

The school counselor and the special educator regularly conduct sessions on personality development, time management and career guidance. Besides all this they attend to individual cases of behavioral problems. They guide teachers and parents to handle such students with utmost care, delicacy and patience                                                  

Communication Skill
Nursery Students are expected to have acquired a reasonable degree of language proficiency by the time they leave the school. Keeping in view the need to develop greater confidence and proficiency of language skills necessary for social and academic purposes, to appreciate and engage students in independent reflection and enquiry, consistent efforts are made to upgrade the level of communication skills. To ensure that students speak English with confidence and fluency, incentives in the form of titles are given to recognise their efforts. The school arranges different communication skill classes, clubs, workshops, presentations, Rhetoric’s, Spell Bee contest for the students in all classes especially primary, middle and secondary. Communication Enhancement & ASL are internal part of English Curriculum from Junior to Senior classes. Incentives are given to encourage and appreciate efforts of students to speak in English. All these endeavors are directed towards making students better citizens.

Monitoring and Mentoring
Monitoring and Mentoring Programme has been successfully implemented in the school curriculum. It benefits both the intelligent and the slow learner. Essence of programme is to develop qualities of head, heart and hand by cooperative efforts, sharing knowledge and judging one another’s view point among teachers and students. Group activities and group discussions promote peer monitoring and mentoring which further help in the growth of knowledge and in instilling confidence of the child.

Orientation Programme       

To update students and teachers with latest updates in education and generate awareness of the same amongst parents, orientation sessions, inservice programmes, workshops and seminars are arranged as a regular features. Saturday
remedial classes, subject deptt. meeting and special practice classes are a few initiatives for subject stimulus.    .


Subject Stimulus                   

Subject Enhancement programme enables both teachers and students to share, interact and promote subject related queries and practices. The purpose is to enhance communicative skills, scholastic and coscholastic areas, take remedial classes, develop question banks, assignments, practice papers, to help students to understand the text in a better way. Some initiatives are Saturday Remedial Classes, Subject Deptt. meetings and special practice classes                   

School Website

The school website is dynamic and effective in all spheres, be it administrative, academic or student, teacher & parent related. It provides all information and is updated time to time with newest range of facilities for its students and their parents. Almost everything from admission form, circulars, relevant Subject / Examination / Celebration related information, holidays, results, report card are loaded on the website. Daily attendance (presence or absence) of a student is also available. Parents are informed if their ward is absent from the school. It is, no doubt, a valid means of information related to school and school activities for parents, students and concerned.                                

Recreational Activities
Film shows, picnics, trips, excursions, visits to various places of importance and amusement are regularly organised to reduce drudgery and monotony, and make education enjoyable. Shows like Planetorium, Magic Show, Puppet Show are conducted time to time for the benefit of the tinty-tots.

Social Awareness & Sensitivity Activities
Various Social service, Environment friendly, Good citizen and Good earth projects are incorporated in the school curriculum to sensitize students towards the society, environment, and the underprivileged sections of the society.

Good Earth Project - Eco Awareness Club has been formed in the school. It is an effort to sensitize students towards the protection and care of environment. In association with organisation activities on garbage management, water and air pollution testing, energy conservation etc. are conducted. The school uses a solar inverter, a paper recycling unit for eco paper making & arolly polly machine for composting garbage. Students are also sensitized time to time through talks, competitions, pledges to use water and electricity judiciously as well as to minimise the use of polythene. To further teach students respect for their environment and be responsible citizens, the school assigns House Projects to House & each House is responsible to promote and sensitize students related to that activity. Students share the responsibility by working on projects like Go Green, Garbage Management, Save Water, Save Energy, Say No to Polythene, Foil Collection etc.

Good Citizen Project
Human Rights Day is celebrated annually. Pamphlets on human rights are distributed amongst people. Heritage Club of the school generates importance of preserving monuments etc. Class projects, celebration of Heritage Day, heritage walks are organised. Global voting is held to vote for WCPRC (World’s Children Prize for the Rights of the Child). Global Watch Club helps children to keep abreast with the latest developments about the children's rights across the world, and encourages them to analyse and express themselves better.

Social Service Projects
The school has been a catalyst for social change and an effective instrument for human resource development. By adopting a number of social welfare programmes, the school has rendered invaluable service to the society. These programmes are a step forward in realizing the ideal of ‘Service before Self’ and are engaged in igniting the potential spark of learning in the marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society like help rendered to SOS Children’s Villages of India, Helpage India, All India Confederation of Blind, Sewa Bharati, Visit to neighbourhood slums or distributing books among children in Orphanages. Thus the school has championed the cause of upliftment of the weaker sections of society. Following are some of its campaigns:-

Combating Drugs, AIDS, Tobacco
Poster and Painting competitions, Declamation contests have been held, Nukkad Nataks staged, Seminars and Talks arranged to combat the evils of drugs, AIDS and tobacco. By joining hands with Hriday Shaan, an NGO, formation of I Decide Club, Get Active campaign, the school has played a pivotal role in creating mass awareness about health hazards. The school is declared a ‘No Tobacco Zone’.

Overall growth of a complete personality is not possible without giving due importance to creation of a healthy body. Hence sports and games occupy a very important place in the everyday routine of all the students. A big initiative in the field of sports and physical education has been taken by being selected member of ‘PEC’ - Physical Education Card programme launched by British Council UNICEF and CBSE collectively for students of primary classes. The card develops a variety of activities for the total physical development of children. School activities like SPRINTIME and Faculty List es Sports Summer Coaching Camps in vacations have taught students the nuanc of different games.



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