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After earth quake in Nepal in the month of April’ 2014, Our teammates decided to organize a relief fund for the Nepal Earth Quake victims.  We received money from our known friends, monks, businessman, housewife, Travel companies as well as unknown well-wishers from India and abroad.

As a Borisu Sesang Foundation founder we did so many activities for Nepal Earth Quake Victims in seven stages.

First Nepal Visit: (6th~7th  May’ 2015)
We provided food materials, blankets, mineral waters, tents etc at Taple Villlage, Gorkha Distt. Nepal during 6~7th May’ 2015.

Second Nepal Visit: (17th~20th  May’ 2015)
We made temperory school buildings & shelter house for earth quake student victims of nearby people of Taple Village. During the period of 3 days, we achieved a record of making 8 temporary schools.

Third Nepal Visit:
in our 3rd visit we made school classrooms, teachers room, toilets at taple.

Fourth Nepal Visit:
In our 4th visit we made school classrooms, teachers room, toilets at taple.

Fifth Nepal Visit: 24th ~29th July’ 2015.
in our 5th visit we distributes study materials and scholarship programmes for students of Gorkha Distt. Started village development programs. We were welcomed by villagers for our efforts.

Sixth Nepal Visit: 25th ~29th July’ 2016.
in our 6th visit we distributes study materials, Colors, pens, Skech Books  and Dream Programmes for students of Mahalakshmi School & bagh bhairav School, Taple village,Gorkha Distt. Try to find the Future Dreams among Teachers & Students, So that in future we will help them fulfill their dreams.

Bogwang Academy, Sravasti, India Visit: 29th ~31th July’ 2016.
We distributed study materials, Colors, pens, Skech Books, Tooth brushes to 68 students of Bogwang Academy, Sravasti. Computer systems were installed for smart classes. Dream coloring compitition were held and all the students participated. Handkerchief dyeing programme were also done and each and every students enjoied a lot to participate. We were quite amazed to see all the student attending their class inspite of heavy rain & flood during our visit. Our special thanks to all the parents, who encouraged their children towards study and bringing them to school ragularly.

Exercise & Yoga Sessions at Bogwang Academy, Sravasti, India.


Independence Day Practice Session at Bogwang Academy on 12th & 13th August 2016 at Bogwang Academy,Sravasti.

Inter Class Drawing & Coloring Competition held on 13th August 2016.

70th Independence day celebrated at Bogwang Academy on 15th August 2016.


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