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Navin Kumar Sinha

We take the proud privilege of introducing ourselves as an upcoming foundation, by the name “BORISU SESANG FOUNDATION” in collaboration with NAMKUK BUDDHIST SOCIETY of INDIA/KOREA, who have been active for last 20years in South Korea and have many Buddhist clients at their disposal.

The basic aim is to improve the literacy level by bringing awareness, among the economically weaker sections of society and the children of lesser God. This is an NGO which has its origin and is situated in district SRAVASTI of Uttar Pradesh State and has been established by the name of BOWANG ACADEMY.

The true divine force and inspiration behind this work has been our late paternal grandmother, who had dream of educating and inculcating academy polishes and values for the people and their children who were deprived of this facility and were totally cut off from the mainstream of education of the society.

By the grace of god and blessing of our late paternal grandmother, with whom I was deeply associated during my childhood and who used to take lot of pains to bring the poor children in her house and made them study with dedication. The same house has now been converted into government school. We are trying to bridge the gap between the affluent (rich) class and the poor masses, through this dedicated mission of ours of EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Last but not the least, education is the only investment and true weapon in times of need and we have taken a small step towards illuminating light at the end of the tunnel through free and quality education to the poor, needy and backward classes of society, so that it may be a blessing in disguise for them in their future endeavors.

Any suggestions or query would be most welcome and appreciated..